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Suggested treatment options below can be tailored to fit your needs. A good massage should be about what works for you!

Integrative Massage

A form of therapeutic massage using a variety of techniques to promote relaxation, loosen tight muscles and improve circulation. Massage strokes range from light to deep, depending on client tolerance and may include specific focus on areas of chronic and acute pain due to muscle tension from stress, injury or overuse

45 minutes $55.oo

60 minutes $70.00

75 minutes $90.00

De-stress and Unwind

this massage is a half an hour escape from a hectic lifestyle, designed to relieve stress and decrease tension of the back, neck and shoulder muscles

45 minutes $50.00

Sport Massage

for the athlete, weekend warrior or fitness enthusiast; the focus is on flushing out lactic acid, loosening tight muscles and stretching. 

45 minutes                                                  $65.00

Kinesiology Taping

reduce pain,decrease swelling,speed healing,improve mobility with ROCKTAPE application  

Per body part                                                             $10.00

Please note:

If you have a problem area such as a sore shoulder, stiff neck, headaches, etc. we can build a treatment session suited to treat your specific needs. Length of treatment time and number of sessions can vary depending on the severity of symptoms and response to treatment.

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